I am attracted to the idea of metal as skin and the relationship of the physicality of the piece to the corporeality of the maker. If our physical selves influence the objects we produce, what sort of objects does an altered body create; a body that takes prescription drugs, wears glasses, interacts with others through machines? Metalsmithing has a history in both Art Craft and Industrial Craft, the second being frequently overlooked. I incorporate objects from industry, both to contrast with the more sensual forms, and to create new hybrids: a physical fiction. Their success lies in a familiarity that is still unnamable. In the space where two disparate things meet, a third meaning is created. 

The wearable objects present the next logical evolution of the sculptural forms. The biomorphic forms with which hardware had been interacting are removed. Instead, industry is brought into contact with the first or second skin of a human wearer. The surrogate animal and plant references are eliminated in favor of a more direct connection with a living organism. This integration with humanity provides an illustration from without of what is happening within the constructed contemporary body. Beginning with vents and funnels these grew to include plumb bob forms - used to find the “true” lines within our inner compasses.