You Are (the) Here addresses issues of cultural geography, the relationship of jewelry to identity and the idea of the souvenir. The “places” of cultural geography are the embodiment of location, locale and sense of place. “Place” in this context is a material space understood through the lens of our relationship to it. These otherwise mundane elements of the landscape are those that became special and familiar through repeated contact and therefore become personal signifiers of these places. In this series, selections of such objects have been transformed into silver miniatures to become body adornment. It began with the familiar geography of my city, Fort Worth. I then traveled abroad to Paris, Vienna, Dresden and London where my daily routes to museums took me past public elements that became familiar and particular through repeated exposure. I have remade these elements as silver wearables; my own souvenirs. The effect is to render tangible the personal experience of another place which then may be used by others to take on the constructed identities of those personal/public spaces through the process of consumption.