California dreaming

I had the most wonderful time in California! I was honored to be invited to be a "Radical Enameling" Workshop provider by the visionary Center for Enamel Arts. I taught a class on making kilns out of trash cans and the creation of vessels with sewn copper foil. The workshop was entitled "Quick and Dirty." My class happened at the same time as the delightful Kristina Glick's flux oxidation class at the Crucible Studio in Oakland. The Crucible is a temple to all things fire related, from jewelry and blacksmithing to hot glass and fire dancing. (Crucible Photos by Gail Reid)

Following the three day class and with the benevolent guidance of Judy Stone I had access to the large enameling kilns at KVO Industries. Steve Vandyke was wonderful about granting access and myself and another artist had the place almost to ourselves for three days. This made it possible to work larger than I had ever done in enamel and with new materials such as their oil-based liquids, typically used for silkscreening, but with which I painted. This opportunity was also made possible by a UNT Scholarly and Creative Activity Award. I already cannot wait to go back!


Quick and Dirty!

I will be leading a Radical Enameling workshop sponsored by the Center for Enamel Arts July 5-7 at the Crucible in Oakland, California. Join me as we make torch-fired kilns from trash cans and whip up some vessels with copper foil and wire. These processes promise fast and furious fun for those willing to embrace serendipity.